WUG Military 2 uds.

Military Box

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WUG Military is an ideal complement or extreme sports. It's ultra-energy gum!

Contains 150 mg Caffeine.

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WUG Military

is made of natural plants and does not require water or digestion. It can be carried around anywhere and it only weights 2 grams. You can find it packaged in envelopes of 2 units each.


It´s recommended to chew 1 gum 10 minutes before intense physical and mental exercise. 


Activate body and mind, providing in less than five minutes a dose of energy. Increase concentration and endurance and decrease the feeling of fatigue.




The recommended daily dose is 2 gums.

Why WUG Military

Convenience and lightness of carrying it around

Ability to be used in specific doses/h5>

Insignificant energy intake

Reduced price

*The effects may be different depending on each individual, depending on their weight, age, or health status.

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